radio silence

Quite a while since I was last here!

Big, medium and huge things have all been happening during this radio silence - but that all adds up to life. A slightly scary decision was made to change my buisness brand, the unknown consequences made me hesitate but the old  'Jeanie Deans' no longer represented what or where I was at - too much baggage associated with it, and since the previous 12+ months have been a liberating process of removing negative influences, a new name was needed. 

So here is HOLM........ Gaelic for small island, and here on my small island, Holm is also where the heart is.




some new dip-dyed ombre... in the happiest sunny yellow.... 
the sun is out, life is good and I'm looking forward to our summer holidays. We have various trips planned,  I cherish our family holidays and I think this tote may be the perfect one to stroll along the French Riviera with - sunglasses at the ready - can't wait


in with the new

just a few of the new designs that are now available in the shop

It's always refreshing to add new items, even though it's been pretty tough to find the time to work on new designs, as just keeping up with the current orders is exhausting enough. 
I've had to close my order book on a few occassions, something I dislike doing, but seems it's the only way to keep on top of things. Working on the new designs is what I love best, making the samples and getting them right, even the frustration of messing up can lead to a rewarding outcome.....how awful it would be to be stuck churning out the same product day in day out? 

I'm pretty chuffed with how these have turned out and am especially loving the gold linen. 

I've been working to the principle that if it doesn't add to your life the subtract it - works pretty well in all areas!


always playing

a favourite track
Cat Power - I Don`T Blame You Live Jools Holland


lust in b&w

some heroines
strong and still doing their thing