wish lists

There are endless things on the register of 'to do & to see',  most of the time stuff goes by unseen as the daily schlep halts any notion of interaction. Thankfully I have the time and freedom to encounter these beauties - It's a delicious mix of things I love and artists I admire - Ornament via Transition Gallery at Huntergather - featuring Kirsty Buchanan - fluent voyeurism, Annabel Dover - a personal favourite of sublime effortlessness, I have one of her 'one a day for a year series' paintings, I love it and it makes me smile. Cathy Lomax - stupidly wonderful paintings, we have one of her Count of Monte Cristo series featuring Edmund Dantes who is resplendent on the dining room wall. Alli Sharma - her London Zoo postcard paintings and bats series rock, the poodles are cool as well and I wish she would just go to town and paint a heap of crazy dog pictures, I unfortunately don't own any of her work... this has to be rectified soon. Corinna Spencer - strange darkness & Alex Michon whom I don't know her work but will soon. Go see it I shall.